Cavilla Hair Tonic

Cavilla Hair Tonic

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Cavilla Hair Tonic contains a variety of precious herbal ingredients, such as Ginseng. 

It is combined with nanotechnology to extract the active ingredients in the herbs, while fully maintaining the biological activity of the original medicines. Its active ingredients can expand the scalp capillaries, promote scalp blood circulation, and activate hair follicles. Consolidate the firmness of hair roots; Promote hair root enlargement and promote melanin synthesis; repair hair quality, supplement nutrition, and enhance hair elasticity; thoroughly remove the deposits of sebum deposits in pores, helps reduce hair loss, and promote hair growth. 

  • Helps reduce hair loss problem 
  • Thicker & Denser
  • Activate hair follicles
  • Promote blood circulation on scalp 
  • Provide nutrients for scalp needed


Water, Ethanol, Polygonum Multiflorum root, Platycladus orientalis leaves, Sesame seeds, Angelica Root, Astragalus gummifer, Ginseng root, Ligusticum Chuanxiong, Propylene glycol , Panthenol

Please do take note that 3 bottles of Hair Tonic is needed to see maximum results