(2 Bottles Cavilla Eyelash Essence)

(2 Bottles Cavilla Eyelash Essence)

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Cavilla eyelash essence are designed to boost the natural process of eyelash growth. 

The US imported eyelash essence contains a biological enzyme "EPM", which consists of Hyaluronic Acid, 10 amino acids, and Ligustrum Lucidum Extract. The powerful ingredients promote lash growth by nourishing the lashes from the roots and accurately activating each hair follicle so that the eyelashes receive the right amount of nutrients.

Out of all the hair follicles we have, only 20% of them are active and the remaining 80% of them are completely "sleeping". Cavilla Lash Essence effectively awakens the sleeping follicles and promotes lash growth. Therefore, not only you will get longer lashes, fuller lashes are on their way too!

Functions of Cavilla Lash Serum
🌹Help with growth of eyelashes and eyebrow Naturally.
🌹Improves eyelash health
🌹Stimulating hair follicles
🌹provide Nutrition and Strengthen
🌹reduce shedding. 
🌹improves insufficient growth of eyelashes.
🌹maintains a positive growth cycle with better vitality, 

💯 Grow longer
💯 Grow thicker
💯Grow darker
💯Healthier and Denser

➡️3x faster than other brands!
➡️Product Import from USA 
➡️Contains 3 ml per bottle 
➡️100% effective !!

2 bottles of Cavilla Lash Essence recommended as a Lash Growth Treatment. 
And the best part is... you can apply on your eyebrows too!