Collection: FINOS Botanical Lemon Powder with Oatmeal Powder🔥FAT BURNING🔥CARBS SUGAR FAT BLOCKER

- An AI intelligent Weight Management Solution product
- Block out 80% sugar, carbs and oil & fats proven by clinical and experimental data
- 5 out of 8 ingredients are patented ingredients. Of which 3 out of the 5 patented ingredients received 2022 Americal Nutritional Ingredients award
- its very convenient. u can bring along with you wherever you go. Just tear and pour under your tongue and you can start enjoying your meal immediately. Or you can also take within 1 hour after food.
- Powder is very fine that it melts instantly.
- Refreshing lemon taste that is sourish sweet that can be accepted by many
- A healthy slimming product that is SGS tested. It is suitable for vegetarian & halal friendly as it is 100% plant based.

Perfect solution for the loose weight and healthier lifestyle, with its lemon and oatmeal powder and the convenient, easy-to-use sachet’s sparkling diet product you’ve been waiting for.

• Promotes fat burning.
• Reduces fat storage.
• Controls blood sugar level.
• Intestinal cleansing.
• Detoxification.
• Replenishes energy.
• Improves Metabolism.
• Block sugar.
• Anti-aging.
• Block excess glucose accumulation.
• Break down fat particles.
• Balance Insulin.
• Prevent Diabetes
• Reduce fatty liver.
• Eliminate visceral fats.

Powerful Ingredients:
• Lemon powder, Morosil, Innslim, Selectsieve rainbow, oatmeal powder, Fibersol2, Slendacor,
• L- Carnitine, Guarana extract, African wild Mango, Garcinia cambogia, White kidney bean, Multi Mineral & Multi-Vitamin, Green Tea Extract, Fructose

Product Specifications:
Serving size :3g
Serving per box: 15 Sachets

Direction of use:
Pour directly into the mouth, Recommended 1 sachet daily before meal or within 1 hour after meal.

Storage Condition: Store in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight, due to the natural ingredients used, the color and taste may vary from batch to batch.

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